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We are a full-service collection agency

Bad-debt Recovery:

  • Accounts are reviewed, and demographic information is verified by our team as part of our bad-debt recovery services in before we begin attempting to collect payment.

  • A series of letters are sent to suit specific circumstances and our collection agency staff communicates with each consumer by phone, text and email (as permitted by law) which often results in payment.

  • Accounts that are not paid in full within a specified time are reported to the three main credit bureaus.

  • As part of our bad-debt recovery services, our debt collection representatives will continue to contact the consumer until the account expires, 7 years from the delinquency date. We know that consumer’s circumstances change over time.

  • When accounts are disputed, our collection agency follows all Federal and State guidelines for validation of the debts. For us, disputes are an open door to recovering the debt. They allow us to engage with the consumer and explain the debt, which frequently results in payment.

  • We offer this service on a contingency basis. It is solely based on our production.

Pre-collection A/R Management.

  • Outsource accounts that are within 90 days of the service or the determination of self-pay.

  • Our debt collection agency staff will contact the consumer to set up payment arrangements according to your own guidelines .

  • We offer this service on a flat fee per account placed.

Pre-placement Services.  

  • This is an automated service offered by the bad-debt recovery experts. It allows our clients utilizing our Bad-Debt Recovery services to offer the consumer an additional opportunity to pay prior to referring the account to collections.

  • A letter with your name, contact information and balance due is sent to the consumer. It conveys that you are giving them a last opportunity to resolve the  account and avoid placement in collections. After 30 days,  the accounts that have not been resolved will automatically roll over to the bad debt recovery phase.

  • We offer this service on a flat fee per account placed.

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